OPT Reporting and Validation

When an F-1 student is approved for OPT, the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) will email the student on the start date of OPT a set of instructions to set up an SEVP Portal account. Through this portal, students can update their OPT information directly.

All students currently on OPT or STEM OPT must create an account, and must maintain their UH email. ISS and SEVP will use UH email addresses for all communications.

The table below outlines what a student on OPT can do in the SEVP Portal.

Student can...Standard F-1 Post-Completion OPTF-1 STEM OPT
View and update physical home addressYesYes
View and update mailing addressYesYes
View and update telephone numbersYesYes
View employer informationYesYes
Update employer informationYes*No
*STEM OPT students who update employment information must use the ISS OPT portal. Material changes to employment may require students to submit a new I-983. Examples: Change to employer federal tax ID number; reduction in compensation not tied to hours worked; decrease in work hours; changes to commitments/objectives on form I-983.

For more details on the SEVP Portal, see the OPT SEVP Portal Section from our Optional Practical Training Frequently Asked Questions page.