ISS Virtual Front Desk

Due to the circumstances regarding COVID-19 we are opening a Virtual Front Desk available through Zoom. By using virtual front desk you acknowledge the following:

**Disclaimer: The ISS Front Desk uses Zoom to connect those seeking help with our front desk and is subject to the terms and conditions for using the application including but not limited to privacy policies. Provide only necessary information upon request.**

  • Mon-Thurs 10:30AM-11:30AM HST
    More availability pending. Thank you for your patience.
    (Availability maybe subject to change.)
  • ISS Interns will be available to help you navigate the website, connect you to important resources, and provide general assistance. 
  • Front desk assistance will be provided one at a time, please wait in the virtual waiting room for a host to admit you in.
  • File submissions are not accepted through Zoom.
  • Be patient and respectful to the responder.

There will be no advising staff at the ISS Virtual Front Desk, for advising please make an appointment to speak to an ISS Advisor or email issmanoa @ hawaii . edu directly for other assistance.

To enter the Virtual Front Desk please click this link to start your Zoom session.

When prompted, enter the following combination: