UH expands global network capacity with RTI partnership

Map detailing transpacific fiber routeRAM Telecom International, Inc. (RTI) and the University of Hawaiʻi System has signed a multi-year, multimillion dollar IRU agreement to supply transpacific fiber system capacity to the university.

RTI will provide the capacity on the Southeast Asia-United States cable system (SEA-US). Upon its completion targeted for end of 2016, SEA-US will link five areas and territories including Oʻahu (Hawaiʻi), downtown Los Angeles (California), Piti (Guam), Manado (Indonesia) and Davao (Philippines). SEA-US is among the first transoceanic cables deploying 100 gigabits per second state-of-the-art ultra long haul optical fiber transmission technology.

UH President David Lassner said, “RTI will enable UH to significantly expand its global network capacity and enhance our connections with our national and international peers. This capacity is critical to ensure that our academic community can both lead and participate in international large scale, leading edge research and collaboration efforts.”

Russ Matulich, chief executive officer of RTI stated, “The University of Hawaiʻi has won numerous awards for excellence in research. RTI strongly supports research and development efforts in academia and we are excited that our 100G technology will contribute to UH’s ongoing success.”

Garret Yoshimi, vice president for information technology and chief information officer of UH added, “The increase in bandwidth to 100G technology provided by RTI will enable researchers and educators at UH to take the first steps towards participating in many new research and education efforts. These high capacity connections are critical to supporting UH’s effective leadership and participation in national and global science efforts that require very large datasets transported between computational and visualization nodes in real-time or near-real-time.”

To view the full size SEA-US map, visit the TeleGeography Submarine Cable Map website.

– The SEA-US cable system. Image credit: PriMetrica, Inc.
– An RTI news release