Windward Community College and Coconut Island network unavailable due to power outage

Incident started at Aug 21 06:10 am

Aug 21 08:54 am: Windward Community College and Coconut Island are experiencing network issues due to a reported power outage. Users may have difficulty connecting to network resources on the UH network and Internet, and servers within this campus may not be reachable. HECO technicians are working to restore power to the area. Next Update: 10:00 AM

Aug 21 10:08 am: UPDATE: HECO has restored power to the area, but some network resources remain unavailable. Next Update: 11:00 AM

Aug 21 10:28 am: UPDATE: Power has been restored to the area, and most network resources should now be available. Network technicians have been informed of and will address the remaining outages.