Phishing Attempt: [username] unusual sign-in activity (Mar 8 12:56 pm)

A phishing attempt has been reported supposedly from the University of Hawaii. Please do NOT reply to the email or click on the link. Do NOT submit your personal information. The University of Hawaii will NEVER ask for your UH username and password in an email message. See: for reporting a new/suspicious email targeting UH usernames.
Sample message:
Unusual sign-in activity
We detected something unusual about a recent sign-in to the [username] account.
details
Country/region: United States
IP address: [some IP address]
Date: [date] [time] (GMT)
Platform: [platform]
Browser: [browser]
Please go to your recent activity page to let us know whether or not this was you. If this wasn't you, we'll help you secure your account. If this was you, we'll trust similar activity in the future.
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Thanks, security team.