Phishing Attempt: Direct Deposit Update; Change In Payroll Details (Mar 9 10:29 am)

A phishing attempt has been reported supposedly from the University of Hawaii. Please do NOT reply to the email or click on the link. Do NOT submit your personal information. The University of Hawaii will NEVER ask for your UH username and password in an email message. See: for reporting a new/suspicious email targeting UH usernames.
Sample message:
Variation 2:
Hi [name of UH person 1],
I have changed the bank I use so I will need to change my direct
deposit details, Please can the change take effect for the current pay
[name of UH person 2]
Variation 1: 
[name of UH person 1],
I need to update my paycheck direct deposit, Do I need to furnish you my
new bank Info to update for my next paycheck asap.
[name of UH person 2]
[department of UH person 2]
[campus of UH person 2]