Phishing Attempt: ?? Important Notice !! (Scheduled Maintenance) .. (Jan 3 02:25 am)

A phishing attempt has been reported supposedly from the University of Hawaii. Please do NOT reply to the email or click on the link. Do NOT submit your personal information. The University of Hawaii will NEVER ask for your UH username and password in an email message. See: for reporting a new/suspicious email targeting UH usernames. Sample message:
Dear User,
Greetings to you and compliment of the season, This message is from
University of Hawaii at Manoa IT Helpdesk team, We are upgrading our
email server with this great new features, this will provide you with
the ability to store a much larger amount of email correspondence in
your email account and have new access to your email accounts, you will
experience new features and improvements faster in your email.
You are advised to sign on Onetime to update your new internal IP backup
for better features and good Services.
Kindly click the "Upgrade your email '' link to unblock your Email
account because it contains specific information about your account.
Failure might result in your email being blocked
Make sure the information you entered is correct.
University of Hawaii at Manoa
IT Help Desk
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Rights Reserved.
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