Notice: New Google Sites Available (Apr 1 07:00 am)

Google@UH now includes access to the new Google Sites. The new Google Sites includes a number of new features for Google Sites users, including:
   - Mobile-friendly interface that automatically adjusts to the best layout for computers, phones, or tablets.
   - Unlimited storage by utilizing Google Drive for sites and it’s associated files.
Google@UH users can navigate to new Google Sites directly at or by clicking on the app launcher for Sites, then clicking on “New Google Sites”.
“Classic” Google Sites remains available to Google@UH users. However, Google has posted their roadmap for the transition to new Google Sites and the eventual retirement of “classic” Google Sites. At the end of 2021, Google will be retiring classic Google Sites.
For more information on new Google Sites or on converting a classic site to new Google Sites, please refer to: