Notice: Google+ will be replaced by Currents (Jun 10 08:00 am)

For users that are opted in to Consumer Apps and using Google+
Following the shutdown of the consumer version of Google+ in April 2019, Google announced the beta launch of Currents. After Currents becomes generally available on July 6, 2020, users and all existing Google+ content will be automatically transitioned to Currents. It may take up to 5 days for Currents to rollout to our organization. There will not be any downtime for users during this transition. Additionally, the new Currents mobile app will replace the Google+ iOS and Android mobile apps, which will no longer be supported. After July 6, 2020, it will not be possible to opt out of Currents or revert back to Google+.
- Beginning July 6, 2020, users will be transitioned to Currents on all platforms. Currents provides users access to new features, including custom company streams, content discovery and routing via tagging.
- Users of the iOS and Android Google+ mobile apps who have auto-update enabled will be automatically upgraded to the Currents mobile app, which replaces their existing Google+ mobile app. Other users will be prompted to upgrade to the new Currents mobile app (via redirection to the appropriate store) so they can continue using the service.
- All existing links to will continue to work, as users will be transparently redirected to
- In the days prior to this switch, users may see a banner in Google+ apprising them of these changes and linking them to relevant Help Center content.
Getting started with Currents