2020 Departmental/Organizational UH Username Renewal Notices (Jun 24 01:48 pm)

In 2015 ITS launched the Departmental UH Username lifecycle. Starting on July 7, 2020, we will begin the next iteration of the annual lifecycle. As part of the lifecycle, renewal reminders will be sent via email to users who manage Departmental or Organizational UH Usernames (listed owners), and to all Departmental and Organizational UH Usernames, themselves. Renewals can be performed through the Departmental/Organizational UH Username management site by following these steps:
1. Visit
2. Click on the 'Manage Username' link
3. Log in using your UH Username and password
4. Select your Departmental or Organizational UH Username(s)
5. Click on the 'Renew Username' button.
6. Once successfully renewed, you will see a notification that reads "This Departmental/Organizational UH Username has been renewed."
If you no longer need or use your Departmental or Organizational UH Username(s), you may either let them expire by not renewing them, or request that they be deleted. Please note that users with Organizational UH Usernames must register their organizations with their respective campus' Student Life and Development office (as an RIO or RISO) prior to their renewals being accepted.
Should you fail to renew your Departmental or Organizational UH Usernames by October 13, 2020, they will be deprovisioned and any data associated with your Departmental or Organizational UH Username will be deleted – including Google@UH mail, calendar, contacts, and documents. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the ITS Help Desk via email at, or via phone at (808) 956-8883 or toll free from a neighbor island at (800) 558-2669.