Notice: Google@UH transition to New Google Sites (Aug 17 08:00 am)

Google has extended the following deadlines
- Starting December 1, 2022 (previously June 1, 2022): You will no longer be able to edit any remaining classic Sites in your domain.
- Starting January 1, 2023 (previously July 1, 2022): Classic Sites will no longer be viewable unless they are converted to new Google Sites.
---original notice below---
On July 1, 2022, Google will deprecate classic Google Sites. Site owners with existing classic Google Sites can transition those sites to the new Google Sites. Currently both classic and new Google Sites are available on Google@UH (, with classic Google Sites being the default. Google has provided a detailed timeline for the transition of classic Google Sites to new Google Sites.
- On August 13, 2020 - New Google Sites became the default option for website creation.
- Starting May 2021 - New website creation will be disabled in classic Google Sites. New website creation will be provided by new Google Sites.
- Starting June 1, 2022 - Editing of any remaining classic Sites will be disabled.
- Starting July 1, 2022 - When users try to visit a classic Google Site, they will no longer see the website content. Any remaining classic Google Sites will automatically be:
    * Downloaded as an archive and saved to the site owner’s Google Drive.
    * Replaced with a draft in the new Google Sites experience for site owners to review and publish.
Owners of classic Google Sites should use the Classic Sites Manager tool (, which can help users review their existing classic Google Sites and manage their transition to new Sites. (
If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at (808) 956-8883, toll-free at (800) 558-2669, or via email at