Notice: LumiSight UH Vaccination Updates (Aug 6 04:19 pm)

There have been reports of issues with uploading vaccination information into LumiSight UH.
After the information has been uploaded, a "Pending approval" notice will be displayed. This is normal and it is ok to logout or leave the LumiSight UH app after seeing this notice. Please note that it may take several days for the vaccination information to be approved.
Some users have reported receiving a rejection email after uploading vaccination information, with the cause listed as "Date entered are not the same as what's on the card". Uploads will no longer be automatically rejected for this reason. Anyone who received this message should try again to upload their vaccination information.
Some tips on uploading the vaccination information:

  • Enter the date of the shot(s) and not the expiration date.
  • Enter the lot number(s).
  • Ensure that the uploaded image of the vaccination card is clear/readable.
  • Ensure that the uploaded image is cropped to include only the vaccination card and remove any extraneous content.
  • If issues are still encountered with uploading the vaccination information via mobile app, please try to enter/upload via the LumiSight web ( instead.

A mobile app update to fix various issues has been sent to both the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store. It will be several days before the updates are approved and released. Please regularly check the stores on your phone for updates.
We have instructions on uploading vaccination information into LumiSight UH for your reference.