Notice: LumiSight UH Updates (Aug 26 02:13 pm)

With the adoption of the University's COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Policy, the LumiSight UH web and mobile apps have been updated to account for the additional vaccination or testing requirements for students, employees, and visitors who visit a UH campus or site. If using the mobile app, please ensure you have the latest update from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Those without access to a suitable mobile device, or those who prefer not to download the mobile app, can use LumiSight UH on the web.
After performing your daily check-in, LumiSight UH will now report your status as either "Clear to come to campus" or "Not clear to come to campus" based on both your daily check-in and your current vaccination or test result upload.
For additional information and instructions on how to check-in, how to upload your vaccination or test result documents, or how to determine if you are clear to be on campus or at a UH site, please refer to the documentation below:

Mobile App

Visit our LumiSight UH FAQ page for more help.