Notice: Google Brand Accounts Advisory (Sep 27 07:37 am)

Recently, Google suspended Brand Account usage as the Google Brand Accounts service is not enabled on our Google domain. If you are affected, you will have received an email from The Google Workspace Team ( with the subject of "Prevent your Brand Accounts deletion" or "Brand Account suspension". The primary owner of the Brand Account would have received the "Prevent your Brand Accounts deletion" email.
Suspended Brand Accounts will be prevented from managing any Brand Account-owned YouTube channels. Twenty-one (21) days after suspension, any YouTube channels/content owned by a suspended Brand Account will be permanently and irrevocably deleted.
To prevent any loss of data, ITS recommends that Brand Account-owned YouTube channels be migrated to YouTube Studio under a Departmental UH Username. Channels can also be migrated to YouTube Studio under your individual UH Username, but this is not recommended for business or departmental YouTube channels.
To begin the process of recovering and migrating your Brand Account, please contact the ITS Help Desk. If you plan to migrate to YouTube Studio under a Departmental UH Username (recommended), please have the Departmental UH Username you intend to use ready to provide to the ITS Help Desk. If you need to request a Departmental UH Username, you can visit