All-Campus Workshop - Videos and Slides

Keynote Speaker: Chris Lee (26 MB, pdf)
ITS Updates (3.7 MB, pptx)
Cloud in Higher Education (551 KB, pptx)
Hawaiʻi Industry Sectors (189 KB, pptx)
Network Updates (165 KB, pptx)
Usage of Openstack Cloud Computing Architecture in the COE (485 KB, pptx)
Supporting the UH Research Mission with HPC and Data Services (10 MB, pptx)
State of LMS (156 KB, pptx)
Enterprise Reporting (718 KB, pptx)
MyUH2 Services (8.7 MB, pptx)
Security Threat Landscape (157 KB, pptx)
Cybersecurity Education (388 KB, pptx)
ITS Projects (3.7 MB, pptx)
Kuali Student Curriculum Management (144 KB, pptx)
Development of Web-Based Key Manager for Encrypted Equipment Resources (390 KB, pptx)
ADA Compliance for the Web (175 KB, pptx)
IT Incident Management (44 MB, pptx)
24/7 ITS Support (104 KB, pptx)
UH Groupings (957 KB, pptx)

Photo Gallery

Candids from 2016 Workshop