All-Campus Workshop - Videos and Slides

ITS Strategic Plan v18-0 (1.2 MB, pdf)
Keynote: "Leveraging Early College to get to 55% by 25%", Ardis Eschenberg (7.6 MB, pptx)

Laulima for 5-Week Courses, Hae Okimoto (1.2 MB, ppt)
ITS IAM Services, Julio Polo (682 KB, pptx)
Quick High Quality Video Production, Bill Becker (681.1 MB, mp4)
Help Desk/CSOC Updates, Claire Chun (8.1 MB, pptx)
Accessibility & VRA, Mitchell Ochi (369 KB, pptx)
Document Imaging-Enterprise Content Management, Christopher Chan (1.3 MB, pptx)
Cybersecurity & Data Governance, Jodi Ito (718 KB, pptx)
Hawaii Data Science Institute, Gwen Jacobs (2.5 MB, pptx)
HPC Cluster Update, Ron Merrill (10.2 MB, pptx)
HIPAA Updates, JT Ash (92 KB, pptx)
UH Network Update, Chris Zane (3.6 MB, pptx)
ITSM/Cherwell (449 KB, pptx)
Astroflows Project (3.5 MB, pptx)

Breakout Session Materials

Security Incident Response and Current Threats at UH session 1 and 2 lead by Melvin Quemado (1.4 MB, pdf)
Accessibility Training session lead by Tom Conway (858 KB, pdf)
Accessibility Training Session Q & A (page)
Everyday Cybersecurity Tips for Non-Geeks session lead by Jodi Ito (19.3 MB, pdf)

Photo Gallery

Candids from 2018 Workshop

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