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June 2020

This month’s Banner upgrade brings a new function for the Main Menu Search Preference. The new search functionality allows a user to search by ​Direct Navigation,​ meaning a user may go directly to a page by entering a page name (i.e. SPAIDEN) or by ​Search​ which will display all applicable finds within page titles, quickflows, and jobs. Search​ is the delivered default setting, however, you may find that ​Direct Navigation​ fits your personal preference. For more information on adjusting your personal preference please see the below guide.

How to Change Your Main Menu Search Preference

Posted on 06/01/2020

December 2019

This month’s Banner upgrade brings a new feature: User Preferences. This enhancement allows users to save preferred settings of column width, column orientation, pagination, and the filter function. For information on how to utilize this new feature, please see the video below.

User Preferences Video

Posted on 12/06/2019