Student Issues

Please view below identified issues that impact Student pages throughout Banner 9. The issues reported here may be helpful tips and tricks, notifications on new features from Banner 8 to Banner 9, or suggested workarounds while we continue to work on modifications or defects. Once issues are resolved they will be removed from this page.

SFAREGS vs. SFAMREG for Participation Verification Processing

Issue: If a grade has been assigned to the student on the roster (e.g. “X” for non-participation), SFAMREG does drop the student from the class, but it does not remove the “X” grade from the grade roster table.

Since the “X” grade still exist on the table:

  1. The student and class will appear on your SZRNATT report.
  2. When you roll grades at the end of term, the “X” grade will roll to the students’ history.

Solution: Use SFAREGS to drop students for Participation Verification. By doing so, the one action will both assign the CN and update the final grade to Null thus removing the “X” grade from the grade roster table.

This is a baseline Banner defect. We cannot predict when this will be fixed by Ellucian. In the meantime, we will work with our developers for a fix.

Posted on 02/01/2022

SFQSECM – Section Query Page via SFAREGS

Filter function does not work when Institution is populated.  When executing the query, the filter field highlights but no results are returned.

Review the following for additional steps for a workaround: SFQSECM Workaround

Posted on 05/25/2021

SFARGTC Leading Zero

In Banner 8 the Leading Zero was displayed in the 2 UHID fields when entering 01-09. In Banner 9 this is no longer the case. Although the Leading Zero is no longer displayed, registration has been tested using STAR and time tickets are being properly assigned.

Banner 8 SFARGTC Leading Zero

Banner 8, SFARGTC Leading Zero

Banner 9, SFARGTC No Leading Zero

Banner 9, SFARGTC No Leading Zero

Posted on 10/17/2018

SHQTERM Ellipsis Error in Key Block

Attempting to use the ellipsis in the Key Block returns an error message. This is a baseline defect that has been brought to the attention of Ellucian. At this time, we recommend either inserting the values directly into the field, or using the Key Stroke F9 to display the list of values associated with the field.

Banner 9, SHQTERM Ellipses Error

Banner 9, SHQTERM Ellipses Error

Posted on 10/17/2018

SGASTDN “pre-Banner” Records

There are inconsistencies when inserting “pre-Banner” curriculum records. Inserting a “pre-Banner” curriculum record is sometimes saved as the institution the user is logged in as. For example, if you log in as LEE, and attempt to insert a WIN curriculum and WIN institution, it will save the record with a LEE home institution with a WIN curriculum. This is an error.

SGASTDN Pre-Banner Example


  • For “pre-Banner” records, institutions should enter their own curriculum records.

Posted on 10/17/2018

SOAPCOL Changes – Prior College

There have been changes made to SOAPCOL in Banner 9, so as to access the page via VPD. For detailed information, and helpful visuals, please access and review the attached guide.

Posted on 10/17/2018