High Performance Computing Resources

The UH ITS HPC Cluster is a joint investment between UH and the research community based on the Condo Compute Model.  UH made an initial investment of 1.8 million dollars in the current cluster consisting of 178 standard compute nodes and 6 large memory nodes which was installed on November 10th, 2014.  The research community contributes back to this resource by purchasing nodes which are added to the cluster with the first PI investment installed on the cluster March 19th, 2016 that added 91 compute nodes and a community GPU node bringing the cluster to 269 standard compute nodes.   The researcher contributed compute nodes are available to the community when not used by the owner.  The idea is to create an efficient and sustainable compute resource for the UH system.


Compute Resources

The UH ITS HPC resource consists of 276 total nodes based on the Cray CS300.  178 nodes are first generation “standard compute nodes” and consist of two Intel Xeon  E5-2680v2 “Ivy Bridge” 10-core, 2.8GHz processors, which is 20 cores total, and 128 GB of memory, 6.8GB per core. 58 nodes are second generation “standard compute nodes” consisting of two Intel Xeon Haswell 12-core, 2.3GHZ processors, which is 24 cores total and 128GB of memory.  33 nodes are second generation “standard compute nodes” with two Intel Xeon Haswell 10-core, 2.3GH processors with 256GB of memory.

In addition to the “standard compute nodes” there are six “high-memory nodes”.  The “high-memory nodes” have Four E5-4640v2 “IvyBridge” 10-core, 2.2GHz processors, making 40 cores total, and 1 TB of memory, 25GB per core.

Lastly, there is one community GPU node that has two Intel Xeon Haswell 12-core, 2.3GHZ procesors with 128GB of memory and two K40 NVIDIA Tesla GPUs.


The total number of processors for the system is 5876 and the total memory is just over 44.8 TB.  All nodes are connected to each other and to the 600TB parallel file system by a 40 Gb InfiniBand interconnect.


Storage Resources


The storage associated with the compute resource is 600 TB of Lustre file system with 5.2 GB/s write and 7.2 GB/s average of read performance.  

Network Storage

An additional 500 TB NetApp storage system is also associated for more permanent scale-out data storage and can be purchased at $65/yr for 500GB as ValueStorage.

UH ITS HPC Quick Info

Performance72.2 TF*
Storage600 TB
InterConnect40 Gb IB
*only for original 178 nodes 

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