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Sharing Files With FileSender

If you need to exchange data with a collaborator that won’t fit in email and your collaborator cannot use Globus Online then the Internet2 FileSender is the best option.

The University of Hawaii has access to the Internet2 FileSender application because of our membership in InCommon.  The Internet2 FileSender supports sending a file up to 9.77TB in size and can be accessed for up to 14 days after upload.  If you need your collaborators to share files and they are not InCommon member you can simply send them a “Guest Voucher” from FileSender and they will be able to utilize the service to share the file with you.

To access the service simple open a modern web browser and navigate to this url :  Once there you simply click the “Logon” button and in the next screen type “hawaii” in the text box and then choose the “University of Hawaii” when it auto-completes as your organization and click “continue”.  You will be directed to the UH Gold screen to authenticate yourself if you do not have a authenticated Single Sign On session already active in your browser.  After authentication a page with a form will load where you can upload a file and specify emails to notify with a link to download your shared file.  Please note that the uploaded files are not encrypted but only an individual with the link can access the files.  Once a file has been uploaded you will receive email indicated the upload was successful and who an email was sent.  When a recipient has downloaded you files you will also receive an email and if you choose you can login into FileSender and delete the file by access the “My Files” area.