Hawaii Interactive Video Service (HITS)

HITS is the University of Hawaiʻi’s interactive video (ITV) service designed to deliver distance learning courses within the state of Hawaiʻi. The network includes 13 media centers/educational centers across the UH system, and Information Technology Services on the UH Mānoa campus.

Honolulu Community College UH Maui College
Kapiʻolani Community College UHMC Hana Education Center
Kauaʻi Community College UHMC Lanaʻi Education Center
Leeward Community College UHMC Molokaʻi Education Center
Windward Community College University Center at West Hawaiʻi
(HawCC Pālamanui campus)
UH Hilo
UH Mānoa
UH West Oʻahu

Beginning Fall 2021, HITS expands its service utilizing the UH systemwide conferencing provider Zoom.  In addition to connecting ITV classrooms within the UH system, HITS is also capable of connecting remote learners via different platforms and devices, e.g. desktop, laptop, and mobile.

Academic Technologies (AT)

Academic Technologies (AT), a branch of Information Technology Services, manages and maintains the HITS network.  Video Operations Center (VOC) provides connection support for each HITS endpoint.  In collaboration with UH campus media centers and educational centers, AT is responsible for the semester scheduling of credit courses and videoconferences on the HITS network.

ITV Classrooms

The number of HITS-equipped ITV classrooms vary at each location.  The ITV classrooms are designed to provide a telepresence environment.  In other words, the instructor and students are able to hear and see each location and content (computer, document camera or video player, etc.) at all times.  Each classroom is equipped with Polycom High-Definition (HD) videoconferencing devices, cameras, microphones and instructional media (document camera, computer).   There is a minimum of two monitors to a maximum of six monitors in the classroom for each view (1- instructor, 2 – content, and 3 – all sites).  Classroom and technical support is provided by the campus media center and educational center.  At the Mānoa campus, classroom and technical support is provided by ITS Academic Technologies.

Level of Priority Use

1 – Credit courses of approved distance learning programs

2 – Credit courses of non-distance learning programs

3 – Non-credit courses (charges may apply for fee-based non-credit courses) and videoconferences (meetings,
training workshops, presentations, etc.)  Rates

Faculty Training

Instructors teaching over HITS receive a faculty orientation by the HITS Coordinator at the UH campus or Educational Center where they originate their course.  This orientation covers interactive strategies for ITV and an orientation to teaching in a HITS telepresence classroom.  Additional information is found on the ITV Faculty Guide website.


  • UH Departments interested in using HITS to deliver distance learning programs in-state may contact Catherine Kawada, Distance Learning Coordinator, at (808) 956-9664 or cua@hawaii.edu.
  • Faculty interested in using HITS to deliver credit courses in-state should check with their campus distance learning committee and department chair, prior to scheduling HITS, for approval [?].
  • Deadlines to submit a request to deliver a course using HITS (semester planning)
    • for Spring semesters – third Friday of the prior fall semester
    • for Fall semester – third Friday of the prior spring semester
    • for Summer session – third Friday of December
  • Faculty and staff interested in using HITS for one day events such as meetings, training workshops, presentations, guest lecture, etc. may submit a HITS Videoconference Request.
  • For more information or assistance please call (808) 956-2724 or itvscheduler-l@lists.hawaii.edu