Building Sustainability Strategies

ITC Exterior - Night ViewGreen Building Construction Stewardship

  • Use of building materials with an overall recycled content of >20%
  • Use of over 20% regional materials in construction
  • Construction waste diversion of over 90%
  • Use of over 50% wood products certified as sustainably grown and harvested
  • Management of indoor air quality during construction to ensure high indoor air quality for building occupants

Efficient Energy Usage

  • State-of-the-art energy efficient water-cooled equipment racks in the data center
  • Chilled beams for cooling in office areas to reduce overall building energy usage
  • 14% reduction in energy consumption vs. a baseline ASHRAE building
  • Displacement ventilation to reduce energy use for HVAC
  • Energy submetering and building dashboard to provide energy consumption information and facilitate changes in occupant behavior that will save energy

Water Resource Conservation

  • Bio-swale to control storm water runoff quantity and quality
  • Storm water management resulting in over 30% reduction in storm water runoff
  • Pervious paving to allow rainwater to percolate into the ground below paved surfaces
  • 30% reduction in domestic water use

Building Design optimizes lighting and thermal comfort

  • Exterior sun shading system which uses horizontal light shelves to provide high quality daylighting and reduce direct solar radiation and resulting cooling loads
  • Daylighting deep into the floor spaces via large expanses of exterior and interior glazing
  • Views to the outdoors for over 90% of all regularly occupied spaces
  • Individual lighting controls for over 50% of building occupants
  • Exterior canopy lighting that minimizes light trespass
  • Use of reflective paved surfaces to reduce the heat island effect
  • Use of reflective roofing materials to reduce the heat island effect

Promoting a healthy work environment

  • Bicycle storage and changing rooms are provided for building occupants
  • No new parking was added for the project to encourage alternative transportation via public transportation
  • Healthy indoor air quality by using low emitting finishes and FFE
  • 100% outside air used as ventilation air instead of recirculation of unhealthy air