IT Center Dashboard

The UH Information Technology Center Building Dashboard provides information to both the building occupants and the general public about the building’s energy and water consumption.

The building’s energy data is extracted from the building management system and presented in an user friendly graphical interface using the EDART E.D.G.E. 3-D Kiosk software. By using the software’s HTML 5 graphics and trending graph capabilities, this information can be accessed using a standard web browser. The building dashboard shows energy consumption, water consumption, temperature & humidity level, the carbon footprint and weather information. The overview pages provide daily and monthly energy consumption, water consumption and carbon footprint data. Energy and water data can be further drilled down to specific usage components and trended in yearly, monthly, weekly & daily graphs. Carbon footprint displays environmental impacts via monthly comparisons and correlates annual environmental impact in term of car emissions and trees equivalents. Graphs against ASHRAE standards are also available.

The dashboard is temporarily unavailable. Please check back later.