green circleStatus: On-target

Last Update: April 8, 2019
Primary Contact: Gwen Jacobs (, Director, Cyberinfrastructure

Strategic Alignment:

Hawaiʻi Innovation Initiative

ITS Strategy:

(B) Promote ITS as a Research Partner

Description & Benefits:
This project aims to bring advanced cyberinfrastructure capabilities such as data storage, transfer and management and compute to UH researchers through the use of the Agave platform for accelerating research. UH CI will leverage the Agave APIs to build science gateways, application and pipelines to support UH research.


  • Jupyter Hub Jetstream integrations - June 2018 - Completed
  • TACC team in Hawaii workshop - August 2018 - Completed
  • Paper submitted to PEARC19 - February 2019 - Completed
  • NSF CSSI Grant collaboration with TACC - April 2019 - Completed
  • Update application backend - ongoing