Document Imaging Implementation

green circleStatus: On-target

Last Update: August 19, 2019
Primary Contact: Scott Ogasawara (, Project Lead

Strategic Alignment:
High Performance Mission-Driven System

ITS Strategy:
(F) Deliver Value in Enterprise Systems

Description & Benefits:
Implement system-wide document imaging solution

Unfortunately, after a series of contract negotiations with the vendor announced as the RFP awardee, we could not come to agreement on several key items. A decision was made in the best interests of UH to rescind the proposal award.

Although this is disappointing to all involved, the positive side is that we uncovered issues that would have been detrimental to the project moving forward at this time.

The plan is to revise the RFP and post it again for bid as soon as possible.

We know there is pent up demand and significant need for this system. While we regret this delay, we believe this will be in the best long-term interests of the university system. Every effort will be made to move forward with all due diligence but without delay.


  • Enrollment Management for upcoming unified workflow review; Dev sandbox confirmed - ongoing
  • Star project initiation - ongoing
  • Data Governance reconfiguration for security; revising DSR format - ongoing
  • College of Social Sciences (ACCESS) implementation; implementation review by ACCESS - ongoing
  • OPRPM Real Property; awaiting approval to promote to production - ongoing
  • OHR files loaded; awaiting functional approval to add FOLDERing in production
  • Resume risk management & research data agreements pending security considerations
  • Released Research Data Agreements into production - ongoing
  • Upcoming: OPRPM (Contract Solutions), OneMap; LCC Admissions & Financial Aid