Technology Resources for Faculty

UH Username

Your UH Username is your electronic key to gaining access to the university's online services, such as email, Internet access, and many academic and administrative web applications.


Google@UH provides ad-free access to some of Google's most popular services, including Gmail, Calendar, and Drive, through your UH Username.

Protecting Your Information

Keep your information safe by learning more about cyber threats and following best practices.

Communication & Information Sharing

ITS provides online services to assist faculty with communication and information sharing.

Campus WiFi

Connect to your campus WiFi and login using your UH Username. Register a device for a passthrough to bypass this login. Faculty can sponsor guests for campus WiFi access.

Computer Hardware & Software

ITS provides desktop and laptop computer recommendations, as well as publishes a list of currently supported software and web browser recommendations.

Instructional Resources

Several resources are available for various aspects of your academic and instructional duties.

  • UH Online Innovation Center - The UH Online Innovation Center (UHOIC) provides instructional design consultation and professional development opportunities across the UH system related to quality online teaching and learning.
  • Laulima - Laulima is the tool for enhanced or total online teaching and learning ties to your course enrollment.
  • Video Conferencing services and support are provided to the University of Hawaiʻi community. ITS has the IT Center Video Conference Rooms, ITS Interactive Video Classrooms, and Videoconference Room Consultation.
  • TALENT - TALENT is a faculty development program which supports faculty on all campuses of the University of Hawaiʻi system.
  • Course Evaluation System (CES) CES is the official application for Course Evaluations at the University of Hawaii.


ITS offers services to assist with research computing needs.

  • Cyberinfrastructure - Cyberinfrastructure provides advanced computing, data management, science as a service and collaborative research.
  • Server, Data Center, and Storage - ITS offers a set of "for fee" infrastructure services to support the needs of departments and researchers across all of the UH campuses.
  • myGRANT - the University of Hawaii System's personalized version of the Kuali Foundation's open source research administration software Kuali Coeus (KC).

Tools & Resources



MyUH is the online portal where students can access many resources and services.

Online Leave


Submit leave requests to your supervisor for approval and view your leave history and current balances.

Pay stubs


View current and previous pay stub statements.



Hawaii Information Portal - Setup/Edit direct deposit, view W-2/W-2c forms, view pay statements.



First.Last email alias allows you to use your first and last name for your email address.