Technology Resources for Staff

UH Username

Your UH Username is your electronic key to gaining access to the university’s online services, such as email, Internet access, and many academic and administrative web applications.


Google@UH provides ad-free access to some of Google’s most popular services, including Gmail, Calendar, and Drive, through your UH Username.

Protecting Your Information

Keep your information safe by learning more about cyber threats and following best practices.

Communication & Information Sharing

ITS provides online services to assist faculty with communication and information sharing.

Campus WiFi

Connect to your campus WiFi and login using your UH Username. Register a device for a passthrough to bypass this login. Faculty can sponsor guests for campus WiFi access.

Computer Hardware & Software

ITS provides desktop and laptop computer recommendations, as well as publishes a list of currently supported software and web browser recommendations.

UH Alerts

The UH Alert emergency notification system alerts the university community in the event of a natural, health or civil emergency. Sign up to receive campus alerts by email or text message.

Tools & Resources



MyUH is the online portal where students can access many resources and services.

Online Leave


Submit leave requests to your supervisor for approval and view your leave history and current balances.



View current and previous paystub statements.



Hawaii Information Portal – Setup/Edit direct deposit, view W-2/W-2c forms, view pay statements.



First.Last email alias allows you to use your first and last name for your email address.