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University of Hawaii Khmer Online Courses

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        Study Khmer at All Levels & Tuition Fees

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa offers regular and online classes for all levels of Khmer language. The courses are available for students as well as individuals (including businesses). To receive credit, individuals may register for credits through the UHM Outreach College. The UH catalog provides course discriptions here.

Click the following link for resident and nonresident credit course tuition and fees:

Universities, colleges, or businesses in need of Khmer language training resources may contact the UHM to receive Web-based, asynchronous instruction for their language students or business associates. Academic credit may be awarded by the home institution; UHM will collect a course delivery fee.

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        Course Characteristics

Courses are offered for 2 to 4 credits each -- approximately 34 to 67 hours of contact time. In each course, students will be exposed to:

1. A balance of tasks performed independently and tasks involving communicating with classmates in web-based forums (an asychronous & hybrid course).

2. Each lesson contains texts, audio, and video clips.

3. Daily support from the instructor through student forums and discussions.

4. Carefully designed lesson through skill-development and composition in reading and writing.

The following are screen shots to give a general idea how the online class will look like (click on image to enlarge) :

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        How to Participate
  For Individuals   •

Community learner outside the UH must register through the UHM Outreach College by following these steps:

1. You should be proficient in the use of the appropriate language software for the input of khmer, plus the use of a Web browser to view pages encoded in Unicode (UTF-8). The software is available for free download here at

2. Contact Dr. Chhany Sak-Humphry ( for course approval.

3. Apply for admission at will be applying for admission to take a credit-bearing course, but not in a degree program. Please see deadlines for application.

4. Once you are admitted, register online as instructed at (the courses are in the so-called Extension semesters).

5. Contact Dr. Chhany Sak-Humphry ( to get an exclusive login name and password to be used for online materials.

  Individual Student   •

Students currently enrolled at the UH should follow these steps:

1. Register using MyUH Portal. Classes are listed under "Cambodian (CAM)".

2. Contact Dr. Chhany Sak-Humphry ( to get an exclusive login name and password to be used for online materials.

  Universities, Colleges, and Businesses   •
For an partnership as well as training for businesses and other fields, the interested faculty member or administrator should follow these steps:

1. Determine the need for these courses at your institution (e.g. number of students and their backgrounds).

2. Establish a framework for granting credit from your own institution (for instance, courses may be offered under existing course rubrics such as 399 - Directed Readings.

3. Contact Dr. Chhany Sak-Humphry ( to make arrangements.
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        Registration Steps

Once you are admitted to the UH system through the UHM Outreach College, you still need to register for classes. These classes offered here are CREDIT classes that meet virtually online. Unlike the regular classes, there is no need to meet on campus. Here are the steps for UH students to register:

1. Go to the UH general registration site, at

2. Enter your UH Username and your regular UH password.

3. Follow the instructions for registration. You may search using the CRN (Course Reference Number) while you are adding a class. Please refer to the class description here.

4. Tuition and fees online may be paid on-line using a credit card.

For non-UH students, please go to "How to Register" for more details on applying to the UHM Outreach College.

For all other online courses registration questions, please contact:

Lei Wakayama
Program Specialist, Credit Programs
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Outreach College
Ph: 808-956-0835 • Fax: 808-956-3364
mailing address: 2440 Campus Rd., Box 447, Honolulu, HI 96822

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        Web Literacy and Technical Requirements

Based on our experience, it is at the outset to review and/or familiarize the students with telecommunications literacy involving Khmer fonts. We also encourage students to use the web as a resource for research, e.g. for finding cultural resources.

Minimum Requirements:

Hardware: a PC with at least 128 MB of RAM or higher.
Operating System: Windows Vista and above (to assure the compatibility with the Khmer Unicode and BRIX online software applications).

1. Khmer viewing and inputting capabilities: PC software such as the Global IMEs built into Windows Vista and above.

2. Web browsers: Netscape 7.0, Mozilla Firefox 1.5, or Internet Explorer 6.0 and above.

3. Internet Connection: either through a network at your place of business or through a modem connection at home. The modem should be at least 28.8 bps. Information about establishing a UH-PPP dial-up modem connection from your home are available from ITS here.

4. Khmer Unicode font by KhmerOs - can be downloaded via our website: or at the developer KhmerOs website:

5. Microphone and headphones/speakers are required to use with the online forums.

6. Networked computers (5 computers with Khmer software applications with headphones and microphones) are available in the College of Language, Linguistics, and Literature's Multimedia Computer Lab during open hours in Moore 153 (PC Lab), UH Mānoa. However, nowadays, most schools have computer labs where students can use the computer to work on assignment if they are on campus.

7. Students must meet the general technical requirements and have an understanding of the World Wide Web, word processing, and email (if not, they need to work together with instructor to meet these requirements). Student's computer must have internet access, audio, video to view these elements. Some of other utilities can be downloaded for free:

* Adobe Acrobat Reader (for PDF files) Download
* QuickTime digital media player Download
* RealPlayer digital media player Download
* Adobe Shockwave Player Download
* WSFTP Free Version Download

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