Drs. Asato & Wertheimer win 2019 IJIDI Outstanding Paper Award

Drs. Asato and Wertheimer’s recent peer-reviewed publication, “Library Exclusion and the Rise of Japanese Bookstores in Prewar Honolulu” (International Journal of Information, Diversity, & Inclusion – IJIDI, Spring 2019 issue, volume 3, issue 1), was voted by the journal’s editorial board for the 2019 IJIDI Outstanding Paper Award in the category of “Research Articles.”

Referees cited strengths of Asato and Wertheimer’s article in the areas of methodology, transformative promise of the topic for ongoing research, and a readable and accessible writing style. In turn, Asato and Wertheimer’s paper has been nominated for the 2019 ALA Jesse Shera Distinguished Published Research award.

A hearty congratulations to Dr. Noriko Asato and Dr. Andrew Wertheimer for such a deserving award!

For those interested, you can read the article for free online.