City & County of Honolulu Municipal Records Center

550 South King St., Honolulu, HI 96813

Internship Description

Internship would serve to help make accessible many of the municipal records that have research value, but that are currently inaccessible. Work would include processing files with MPLP-like methods, with the primary focus on creating folder-level inventories and writing summary descriptions of the records, with possibly some organization and some reformatting of especially at-risk materials.

Library/Collection Description

The Municipal Records Center houses approximately 5,700 cubic feet of permanent records created by the departments and agencies of the City & County of Honolulu. The Center also receives and then disposes of non-permanent records, with a total holding capacity of approximately 11,500 cubic feet. Records range from resolutions and ordinances of the City Council to homicide reports to planning files for improvement projects. Most records are paper, but there is also a microfilm vault with thousands of reels of microfilm.

Required Qualifications


Desired Qualifications

Good organizational skills, very attentive to detail, very accurate, very reliable. Some knowledge of records management and archival theory helpful.

Weekly Schedule

Scheduling can be flexible and based on intern’s availability.

Goals and Outcomes

Intern should walk away with experience of what it is like to process high-volume collections with minimal effort. Intern should end with a familiarity of what types of records are created by a municipality. Intern should end knowing how to create a container list and how to write brief descriptions of collections. Intern should end knowing what types of materials should be removed from collections or reformatted for long-term preservation. Intern should end having experienced what it is like to work in a storage center environment with records that are directly from the office of origin.

Evaluation Methods

Evaluation will be based largely on the accuracy of the work done, which will be checked on a regular basis. Evaluation will also be based on the quality of the work, in terms of depth of ultimate understanding of the materials being processed as expressed in collection descriptions. Also taken into account will be the ability to maintain a schedule, satisfactory communication with the supervisor and other staff, and respect for the environment.

Evaluation Schedule


Contact Information

Jack Kormos
(808) 768-3764
Last Updated: 2019December20