Preservation Department (Books), Hamilton Library

2550 McCarthy Mall, Honolulu, HI, 96822

Internship Description

Internship will be tailored to the preservation interest of the student and the current projects being worked on in the UHM Library Preservation Department. All projects include learning about structure of books, proper handling and storage, assessment of damage and working on treatment options including: pamphlet binding, boxing, or reformatting.

Library/Collection Description

UHM Library Preservation Department cares for the Library’s collections in all formats. By performing highly specialized treatments and taking a preventative approach to maintaining the University’s important research collection, the Preservation Department insures that collections will be available for future use.

Required Qualifications

At least one semester of LIS coursework.

Desired Qualifications

  • Able to work independently with minimal supervision; able to perform work accurately.

Weekly Schedule

  • 10 hours a week during Preservation department hours: M-F 8AM – 4PM
  • Minimum 2 hours per session

Goals and Outcomes

  • Understand the function of a preservation department in a large academic library
  • Hands-on experience in evaluation of library or archives materials for preservation treatment

Evaluation Methods

A written evaluation will be given using the standard LIS 690 evaluation form and a feedback session will be scheduled.

Evaluation Schedule

One evaluation will be completed at the end of the semester.

Contact Information

Kazuko Hioki
(808) 956-8539
Last Updated: 2018September14