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The goal of this page is to inform MCC faculty and staff of resources available on the Campus of Maui Community College. If you know of any information (technology related or otherwise) that will help MCC faculty and/or staff create an "optimal Learning environment," and do their job more efficiently and enjoyably please email the information to Campus Communiqué. The information you share will be communicated via this page. Please check back regularly for updates.

Some recent information acquisitions:

Older, but still helpful information: MCC faculty and staff have been challenged by the administration to design an optimal learning environment using all the latest technologies and resources available. For faculty and staff designing an optimal learning environment using all the latest technologies and resources available it would be important to know what resources are available, how to gain access to the resources available, and/or how to use the available resources.

I am on a technology quest to find out what resources are available on this campus, how to gain access to them, and how to use the resources that are available. I would appreciate any, and all, information offered to me on my quest. I will make this information available to all as soon as I find out. Thanks in advance and thanks for visiting.

To apply for an ITS/UHUNIX Account you can follow the advice from Computing Services.

If you are leaving the Island or your computer for an extended period of time, yet you would like to let those who email you know, with an automatically generated message from your email account, that you have not fallen off the face of the Earth —You may want to initiate the Automatic Email Vacation Response available with your UH Unix account at:

On this User Preferences Page you will first login using your ITS/UHUNIX username and password. You will then go to the Main Menu where you will select: "Email Delivery Options." On the Email Delivery Options Page you will decide whether to have "Normal Delivery," "Email-Forwarding," or "Vacation Responder." You will click on continue and you will go to the Current E-mail Delivery Status Page for your account. You will make your selection. If you choose Vacation Responder you will have the opportunity to edit your outgoing automatic response, and your will be guided through the rest of the process.

If you choose Email-Forwarding you will start at the User Preferences Page --log onto your account and choose Email-Forwarding when prompted on the Current E-mail Delivery Status Page.

When you return and are ready for "Normal Delivery" you will follow the same process as above, however, you will select "Normal Delivery" to disable forwarding or vacation responder. For further assistance contact ITS Help Desk ( or phone (808)956-8883.

You can forward your MCC email at: MCC Computing Services.

You can access your ITS/UHUNIX email account from any web browser with an internet connection by accessing the UH Web Mail Access Page.Graphic link to welcome page Once you arrive on the login page you will be prompted for your ITS/UHUNIX username and password to log onto your account. You will be sent to the welcome page where you can access your account and all of your email functions.

If you are not on the EMAIL LISTS that you want to be on here at MCC you can easily get on the campus email list of your choice by going to the MCC List Service Request Page. It is very easy to do, however, you would be surprised at how many people don't know that this service is available. I know, because when I first started teaching at MCC I was one of the uninformed not receiving the email messages that everyone was talking about.

When looking for web based quizzes I stumbled across a web site that has interactive WEB BASED QUIZZES available for educators. This looks like an excellent instructional tool that we can take advantage of right now. Check out the site at: The Log in page for MCC Faculty is: You will need a login ID and you can get this by sending an email request to I received my user ID and I set up a short quiz in no time at all that you can take at: If you are already using this QuizCenter please give us some feedback here at Campus Communiqué so that we can make this information available to all faculty.

A nugget of information that I learned shortly after arriving at MCC is how to access my OFFICE VOICE MAIL from home and from elsewhere on campus. If I am at home I dial 984-3221 then when the phone answers I press 9 and my extension. Then I follow the operator's instructions (enter my security code--if I set up one, and so on). If I am on campus then I need to dial 9 to get an outside line then 984-3221 then when the phone answers I press 9 and my extension and I continue to follow the operator's instructions. This may seem like common knowledge for some people, however, I was surprised at how many people don't know how to do this. I am not suggesting that you need to know how to access your voice mail when you are out of your office. I just wanted to share this information with others.

MCC Faculty can easily apply for a WebCT Account. WebCT is a web course management tool that is available to all MCC faculty. You can easily apply for a WebCT account by going to the WebCT account request page. You can find out more information about WebCT at:

You can check your class schedule for the current enrollment for each of your sections at the MCC Individaul Faculty Schedule page. You will need to enter your user ID (last name) and your 3 digit Instructor number that is located in parentheses on your class rosters, or grade sheet. It is possible to print out your class roster using the Aldrich system. Steve George recently sent the instructions out via email. I will post the instructions when I get a chance. Check back soon.
I am seeking information on the following:
  • Accessing our office computers from our home computers.
Any information leading to the better use of our resources will be appreciated. So check back if this interests you and if you already know how to do this then please share the information with the uninformed by emailing Campus Communiqué.

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