Man recording data for historic property monitoring at east-edge of science reserve

Openly developed and adopted management plans

With this commitment to community and island-based management, OMKM led the development of the much-needed Maunakea Comprehensive Management Plan (CMP) and its four subplans. These were created with significant community input and the State Board of Land and Natural Resources approved the CMP in 2009, and (along with the UH Board of Regents) the subplans in 2010. The CMP provides overarching management guidelines for Maunakea including subplans for public access, cultural resources management, natural resources management and decommissioning of observatories as well as management of construction activities, education and outreach.

UH open to alternative management models

In 2017 the UH Board of Regents formally adopted a resolution to affirm UH’s commitment to the collaborative stewardship of Maunakea’s cultural, natural, educational and scientific resources in a manner that integrates traditional indigenous knowledge and modern science. The resolution directs the university to work with the state, County of Hawaiʻi, Native Hawaiian organizations and the community to achieve this aim, and also directs the university to increase the engagement of Native Hawaiian students, Hawaiʻi Island residents and residents of the State of Hawaiʻi in the areas of astronomy, celestial navigation and exploration through an active educational and outreach program that highlights indigenous knowledge as well as enhanced student access to and utilization of Maunakea-based astronomical resources. UH stands open and ready to collaborate with all.

Water from melted snow accumulates into a lake on Maunakea
Last modified: November 20, 2018