People viewing the sunset from the top of Maunakea

Managing public and commercial activities

UH is holding hearings for the public to provide input on the proposed draft administrative rules that will govern certain activities on UH management areas. The rules provide the university with an important stewardship tool for the protection of cultural, natural, and scientific resources; the public’s health and safety; and for ensuring access for customary and traditional Native Hawaiian practices. An essential element of the rules is traffic and congestion, which has increased since the improvements to the Daniel. K. Inouye Highway portion of Saddle Road. The rules provide a framework for sustainable commercial tour activities that support stewardship. Already, in coordination with UH, the Department of Land and Natural Resources has stepped up illegal tour operator enforcement on its lands adjacent to UH management areas.

Snow on Maunakea with observatories

Ensuring access

With substantial financial support from the observatories, UH also ensures safe access for cultural practitioners and the public by maintaining the road to the
summit with twice weekly grading, snow plowing when necessary and issuance of weather alerts.

Last modified: November 20, 2018