Two researchers monitoring historical site near Puuwaiau

Exemplary stewardship recognized

In 2017, UH stewardship of Maunakea was lauded with the highest recognition of preservation, rehabilitation, restoration and interpretation of the state’s architectural, archaeological and cultural heritage from the Hawaiʻi Historic Foundation.

Maunakea Rangers protect people and the mauna

Established in 2001, UH’s Maunakea Rangers program has been key to the turnaround. The rangers are on duty every day, interacting with approximately 300,000 visitors each year including cultural practitioners, local residents, tourists and observatory personnel. Rangers provide first response emergency care and health and safety warnings. They also answer questions regarding the cultural, scientific and natural resources of Maunakea and provide protection against inappropriate behaviors.

Maunakea Ranger giving advise to visitors in vehicle
Last modified: September 24, 2018