The University of Hawai‘i engages in a wide range of academic, recreational, and community outreach service programs that involve minors.  The purpose of Executive Policy EP 2.202– Safety and Protection of Minors is to set forth the University’s requirements and expectations for a safe and secure environment for minors, both on and off campus, in accordance with applicable state and federal laws, rules, and regulations. 

In concordance with Executive Policy EP 2.202, Administrative Procedure AP 2.202 – Background Check Process for University Community Members and Non-UH Volunteers provides the process for background checks for individuals associated with the University of Hawaiʻi who interact with minors in a University of Hawaiʻi program, to ensure that all UH Community member and non-UH Volunteer participants are properly vetted prior to their participation.

This site will provide information and resources for UH Community Members to request, review, approve, and/or participate in a program covered by the Executive Policy/Administrative Procedure (Covered Program) that includes minors, and for non-UH Volunteers to understand the requirements for participating in a UH-affiliated program that includes minors.

For specific questions, refer to the FAQs.