Course Syllabi

(NOTE: Access to the publish your syllabi is not available during regularly scheduled maintenance activities that occur daily between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.)

Faculty have the option of publishing their course syllabi in Class Availability for students to access.

  • Go to MyUH
  • Search for the “Faculty Services Menu” task by entering text in the search bar, then ENTER.
  • The “Faculty Services Menu” task will appear in the Search Results section. Click on the task. You will be prompted to login if you have not already done so.

Click on “Faculty Detail Schedule.”

You will see the following Faculty Detail Schedule screen.

  • All of the courses you are scheduled to teach will be listed on this page.
  • Look for the row with “Syllabus” and click on the “Add” link. You will see the following screen.

The Syllabus Information page is where you can enter the following course information:

  • Course URL – this must be entered with the http: prefix for proper web navigation.
  • Learning Objectives
  • Required Materials
  • Technical Requirements
Formatting Tips:

Formatting options are limited with direct entry or copying from a word processing document. If you have your information in html, you may copy and paste and the formatting will be preserved.

 Use simple html formatting tags <> to format your entry for easier reading.  Most tags have a start tag <> and an end tag </>, eg. <p> and </p>.

  • <p>text between these tags are a paragraph</p>
  • <p>this would be another paragraph with a blank line between the two paragraphs</p>
  • <br> is a line break within a paragraph.  This one does not have an end tag.
  • <ol> is an ordered list of items with each item entered between <li> and </li>tags </ol> Ordered lists will appear with each list item numbered sequentially.
  • <ul> is an unordered list of items with each item entered between <li> and  </li> tags </ul>  Unordered lists will appear with each list item bulleted.  See example below.


After you have entered each field, click Submit. Here is a sample of what the student will see in Class Availability:

Your Faculty Detail Schedule will now say “Maintain” instead of “Add” in the Syllabus row. You can click on the “Maintain” link at any time to update Course Syllabus information.