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Ka Leo Editor Wins National Award For Cartoon
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editorial cartoon of John Boehner by Will Caron

Editorial cartoon by Will Caron. Click to enlarge.

Editor in Chief Will Caron won first place in a national competition for an editorial cartoon he created, which ran in the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Ka Leo student newspaper in May 2011. His cartoon depicts U.S. Congressman and Speaker of the House John Boehner and a Mad Hatter caricature representing the Tea Party.

Judges from the Associated Collegiate Press organization picked Caron’s work from 10 finalists for the award, which was announced October 30 at the National College Media Convention in Orlando, Florida.

“My goal was to make clear the connection between the core Republican strategy of fear mongering and hysteria-cultivating, and the subsequent creation of the Tea Party,” said Caron via email. “Fox News and other media outlets who bought into this strategy only raised the stakes and helped snowball what was once a grass-roots movement that no one took seriously into a full-fledged political entity, ripe with ultra-conservative values that have been tearing voters away from the Republican core ever since.

“Boehner and the Republican ‘wise-men’ sought to play off the ignorance and fear that all too many Americans feel in these difficult times—in order to sway their opinions—but ended up creating a monster they still have yet to tame.”

See a larger version of the cartoon, as well as the accompanying “recipe” on Caron’s blog, Comics by Will.

There were 212 entries submitted in the cartooning awards in two categories—editorial cartoon and cartoon panel/strip. Cartoon entries were judged based on reader impact, community importance, artistic quality, originality and clarity of message.

Will Caron headshot

Will Caron

Caron, a senior art major at the Mānoa campus, is serving his second term as editor of the student newspaper, which distributes 10,000 issues on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

“I’m hoping to use works like this to boost my portfolio in order to land an illustrating or comics industry job either in the U.S. or in Japan,“ said Caron.

Caron, of Kahaluʻu, is a 2007 graduate of ʻIolani School. He is the son of UH Professor of English James Caron and stained glass artist Michelle Caron, who also teaches French at Hanahauʻoli School.

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  1. This cartoon is a very good reflection of the cartoon minds being churned out by academia. Now the little brainwashed dolts are giving each other prizes just like the big brainwashed dolts have been for years.

  2. Of course maybe if you had actually looked at facts instead of wacked out liberal lies it would have been better. Or maybe you can do a cartoon depicting the depravity of the Occupy people with the drugs, violence, and hypocricy they are showing.

    You may believe that nobody is paying attention to mainstream America who is fed up with the liberal PC stupidity, but you are wrong. The working class people of this nation are getting sick and tired of the garbage from mush brained people like you.

    1. What facts do you have in mind, DonH? So far all you offer is name-calling and innuendo. Anger and ignorance are depicted in the formula. Should we add “hysteria”?

      1. I just now noticed that the cartoon already has “hysteria” as a label for one of the little test tubes in the corner. Apparently the cartoonist could predict the reactions of folks like JKS and DonH.

        1. Interesting point. I’ve added links to a larger version of the cartoon on the artist’s blog, in case anyone couldn’t quite make that out.

  3. JKS & DonH – We published your comments here, but they really cross the line from expressing an opinion into antagonistic name-calling.

    Further comments with this tone will not be published.

    Please keep it civil.

  4. So how is his cartoon not antagonistic/name-calling? I understand free speech, but do you only criticize people who are against the Democrats? If you want to be fair why not make a cartoon on how about Obama saying Republicans want ‘dirty air’ and ‘dirty water’? That’s a lie and falls into the category of ‘fear-mongering’.

    1. Hi KMH,

      The content of the cartoon itself is not really the point here, the point is to acknowledge a student who won a national award for his work. We would have covered this story regardless of the political slant of the work in question.

      The COMMENTS are where we apply influence. Maybe it was confusing because I allowed those initial inflammatory remarks? If so, I apologize. Hope this clarifies things for you. Aloha.

  5. Students at UH recently received an email from the dean about how schools and their academia need to be more open-minded when it comes to political matters. Unfortunately, this kicks his message right out the door. While I appreciate that this young man received an award for a great piece of artwork, I do not appreciate the comments made about the Republican party. I understand free speech, but this is going a little overboard, don’t you think? Thank you, UH news, for your blatant disrespect for students across the islands and for your ill-informed, highly biased opinion about something you obviously know little about.

    1. Hi Morgan,

      As you yourself acknowledge, your issue is with the cartoon itself, over which we had no influence or control.

      Our writer reported this story in a neutral and factual way and we stand by her unbiased reporting.

  6. Maybe I am wrong but it looks to me like this cartoon is referring to only one part of the republican party. This clearly is just talking about the Tea Party which is a more radical part of the republican party. Therefore I believe that those who are republican should not take it so personally. Even if you are a part of the Tea Party, this is no different than many of the things they say about liberals. Who are you to say that this is wrong when you do it too, everyone does. If you cannot handle someone simply expressing their opinion, than why should you be allowed to espress yours? The newspaper is not biased and over all, this is about this man’s beautiful work and how he was able to incorporate so many ideas into one panel while still allowing it to be so clear regarding its message. Everyone has their beliefs, he just choses to express it through art, that is what artists do after all. Thank you Will for sharing your talent and ideas with us.

  7. Well, well, well. It looks like my cartoon was spot on the money all this time after all. Boehner has just been forced out by the radical right-wing, tea-party spawned faction of representatives that he and other mainstream conservatives helped grow and empower. Boehner, McCain and the rest thought the tea party would be a useful, effective weapon–a way to mobilize working class, white Americans to the Republican cause (people like DonH). They were all too right, and now–just like in my cartoon–the monster they created is still causing havoc for the party in a major way. McCain himself said it’s a sign the party is in trouble right now. Looks like this “little brainwashed dolt” (thanks JKS) did do is homework after all. Trolololol!

  8. What is happening now politicaly is a re-enactment of the upheaval that ocurred during the European Renaiissance when science re-emerged as a political force after years of suppression by the Catholic chirch, particularly Descartes and Newton theories which gave rise to a new paradigm; Cartesian/Newtonian reductionism. That paradigm shift was fought tooth and nail by the “conservatives” of the day. The same thing is happening now as we are hitting the the 100 year anniversary of the experiments of Neils Bohr and Albert Einstein disproved Cartesian Reductionism…

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