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UH administrators hope a reduction in summer session tuition rates will encourage more students to enroll in summer classes.

Hawaiʻi resident undergraduate students attending the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo, University of Hawaiʻi—West Oʻahu and the seven UH Community Colleges will benefit from a reduction in summer tuition rates that lowers the summer 2012 rate and freezes it at the summer 2011 rate.

Approved by the UH Board of Regents, the reduction sets the 2012 summer session tuition rate for these campuses at $248 per-credit-hour. The decrease in tuition is an incentive for Hawaiʻi resident students to enroll in summer classes.

“We know that the costs of higher education are a concern for all of our students, and we hope to help alleviate some of that concern by making summer classes more affordable,” said Linda Johnsrud, UH executive vice president for academic affairs/provost. “The university’s Hawaiʻi Graduation Initiative aims to increase the number of graduates by 25 percent by the year 2015, and one of the keys to achieving this goal is decreasing the time it takes students to earn a degree. Enrolling in summer session courses is a great way for our students to accelerate their degree completion and graduation.”

The reduced rate of $248 replaces the $350 rates that were listed in the tuition schedule approved through 2011–12 for Hawaiʻi resident undergraduates attending UH Hilo and UH West Oʻahu. At Hawaiʻi, Honolulu, Kapiʻolani, Kauaʻi, Leeward and Windward Community Colleges and UH Maui College, the reduced rate of $248 replaces the previously posted rate of $317.

The summer session tuition rate for resident undergraduates at UH Mānoa will follow the current tuition schedule and will remain at $350 per-credit-hour.

The university instituted a similar reduction for the 2011 summer session that received positive feedback from the participating campuses and students. It resulted in a 2 percent increase in the enrollment of Hawaiʻi resident undergraduates following two consecutive years of enrollment declines, and a 7 percent increase in nonresident undergraduates.

Future summer per-credit-hour rates will be set and posted on an annual basis during the prior fall or spring semester. See the tuition page for current semester tuition information.

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  1. “We know that the costs of higher education are a concern for all of our students, and we hope to help alleviate some of that concern by making summer classes more affordable”

    It sounds more like the school wants to increase attendance at non-Mānoa campuses considering, from what I’ve read/heard the largest population of students by far is at Mānoa.

    Why not lower them at Mānoa as well? I was very excited to see this headline as I must take courses this summer to graduate and to keep my University job… and was disappointed within the first sentence.

    I guess hooray for people who live near the other campuses?

    1. Hi Dierdre,

      This recent comment from our Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Linda Johnsrud addresses your question about Manoa summer tuition.

      “Summer school is self-supporting and UH Manoa’s costs are higher than the other 9 campuses. UH Manoa’s summer undergraduate tuition has been set at the resident undergraduate rate for years and will continue to be.”

  2. Probably because Manoa is impacted while the other campuses are not. Since the credits are transferable, can you take the less expensive ones online and then have them sent to Manoa? Or are you still stuck paying the Manoa rate?

    Anyone know if the non-resident rate is the same?

  3. NM. Just read it. I guess “Hooray for Hawai’i residents who want to go to school somewhere other than Manoa.” Non-residents are still paying through the nose.

  4. I just don’t understand why summer school rates are more than fall and spring. If they really want people to graduate on time or faster then the rates should be the same year round and not go up every semester. The cost of living is going up, the cost of tuition is going up, but my pay is staying the same (I have a BS and decent job). This doesn’t hep me since I can’t take graduate level classes at other campuses.
    Hooray! Undergraduates are only getting charged an arm and a leg for tuition this summer, they get to keep the other appendages for next summers increase, but then what?
    PS What we pay for resident tuition at UH is as much of more for out of state tuition in many other states. Absurd!

    1. Hi Aydee,

      UH Manoa has for years charged the resident fall/spring undergraduate rate for its summer tuition; but the other 9 campuses have been charging more for summer than their fall/spring resident undergrad rates. This move brings all other campuses in line with Manoa’s existing practice.

  5. Why does UH Manoa residents have to stay the same? If all colleges and universities are changing for the summer tuition, why not UH Manoa too? It is just ridiculous with this issue. If all are going to be affected by this change, the MAIN branch of the school should be too.

    1. They are just aligning the other campuses with the current Manoa practice of charging the same rate for summer as they do in fall/spring. Usually Manoa students get things that other campuses do not so its great that other students get a break for a change.

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