It was Make Your Own Ice Cream Day at the Hemenway Courtyard on the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa campus on Wednesday, June 20.

“It’s one of those old high school science projects where you put the milk in a bag in a bag and you shake it up and it turns into ice just like that,” said Grant Ponciano, a UH Mānoa senior and event organizer for the UH Mānoa Campus Center Board Activities Council.

An estimated 200 people turned out.

“The offer was so attractive,” said UH Mānoa sophomore Kayin Infante. “I mean free ice cream.”

“The best thing about it was the toppings they had,” said UH Mānoa senior Manny Cagdan. “There was a lot of assorted toppings”

The options included items like fresh Oreo cookies and M&Ms and by all accounts, the event was a hit.

“It was good. It was great actually,”” declared Infante.

“I think it is a really good event,.” agreed Cagdan. “I think it had a good turnout. Free ice cream on a hot sunny day.”

This is exactly what the organizers from the UH Mānoa Activites Council want to hear whose funding comes from student fees.

“What we do is we program events such as these to use the funding and create cool activities for the students to engage and enhance their student life experience here at UH,.” said Ponciano.

Infante wholeheartedly agreed. “It really brings people together as a community and not just the UH students. Itʻs heartwarming.”