L. Thomas Ramsey, chair of the Regents Candidate Advisory Council, has announced that due to the recent resignation of Regent Eric Martinson, who served on a City and County of Honolulu seat, there will be a special recruitment to fill his unexpired term which ends on June 30, 2014. The Regents Candidate Advisory Council will expeditiously work to provide Governor Neil Abercrombie with a list of three finalists so that the current vacancy can be filled in a timely manner. The application deadline for this seat is September 16, 2013.

In addition, nominations will also be accepted for three (3) City and County of Honolulu seats and one student seat. The terms of Regents John Holzman, James Lee, Jeffrey Acido and the seat held by Martinson expire on June 30, 2014. Applications for these seats will be accepted through November 15, 2013 but early submission of applications is strongly encouraged.

As mandated by law, the Regents Candidate Advisory Council must present the names of at least three finalists for each seat to the governor within 120 days prior to the expiration of a term. Governor Neil Abercrombie’s appointments from this list are subject to the advice and consent of the Hawaiʻi State Senate. The terms of each appointment shall be for five years beginning July 1, 2014 with the exception of the student regent whose term shall be for two years.

Candidates for the City and County of Honolulu seat must reside in the City and County of Honolulu and the candidate for the student seat must be a student of the University of Hawaiʻi system at the time of initial appointment.

Application materials, procedures and descriptions of regent’s responsibilities are available online at Regents Candidate Advisory Council website. This information may also be requested by calling (808) 692-1218 or by email.

Members of the UH Board of Regents as well as the Regents Candidate Advisory Council serve voluntarily and are not paid.