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Claudio Nigg

Wolters Kluwer Health, in partnership with the American College of Sports Medicine, published Behavioral Aspects of Physical Activity and Exercise, which explores the latest scientific findings on eliciting the behavior changes needed to truly make and remain committed to a healthy lifestyle. Written by a team of leading experts led by Claudio Nigg, associate professor from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa’s Office of Public Health Studies, the book provides specific strategies, tools and methods that health and fitness professionals can use to motivate and inspire clients to be active, exercise and stay healthy.

Nigg’s research focuses on health behavior change and motivation and he leads the health behavior change research workgroup in the Office of Public Health Studies. His expertise led American College of Sports Medicine to choose him as the lead editor on this title.

Published in October 2013, Behavioral Aspects of Physical Activity and Exercise provides step-by-step instructions to help fitness/health professionals and students master motivation techniques that help clients adhere to an exercise program, including the use of checklists and worksheets, access to new research findings, motivation techniques and case scenarios.

Read the UH Mānoa news release for more information.