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The University of Hawaiʻi has received the final report on the Department of the Attorney General investigation of the University Village Phase I dormitory project at UH Hilo. The university had requested this independent investigation after public allegations were made last year regarding the project.

The report concludes that there was no evidence to suggest any criminal behavior by any of the parties involved in the project, nor any evidence of actions with malicious or improper purposes that suggest any civil or administrative wrongdoing. The associate vice president for capital improvements at the university, Mr. Brian Minaai, has been returned to full duties.

The report notes that there were some deficiencies in the management of the project. The Board of Regents and the university have made process improvement a major priority, and work is now underway to fully reengineer and improve the lifecycle management of the university’s capital projects.

Interim President David Lassner commented that, “We would like to thank the Office of the Attorney General for its thorough and professional independent review of the allegations, and we are very pleased to have Brian Minaai return to his full duties. Moving forward, we are completely committed to transparent, accountable, efficient and effective processes for our entire capital improvement program.”

Download the full report. (6.9 MB PDF)

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