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Beginning in April 2014, the University of Hawaiʻi will be distributing payroll statements for all its employees electronically. Most employees participate in the State of Hawaiʻi direct deposit program and, until now, have been receiving paper payroll statements twice monthly. The new application is expected to save money, improve security, and enhance sustainability.

The online payroll statement system has been a joint project between the University of Hawaiʻi Payroll Office and Information Technology Services, which worked in close collaboration with the State of Hawaiʻi Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS). DAGS provides payroll services for UH and other state entities. According to DAGS spokesperson R.J. Yahiku, UH is the first state department in Hawaiʻi to convert to electronic payroll statements.

The University of Hawaiʻi has been working to increase efficiency and performance in many areas. UH Interim President David Lassner said, “This is truly a win-win-win project. We will save money by not having UH staff sorting and distributing thousands of pieces of paper twice a month to employees on six islands. We will improve security since sensitive payroll information will not be passing through many hands on their way to employees. And we will save the state money and improve sustainability since they no longer need to print hundreds of thousands of pages per year for UH employee pay statements.”

According to DAGS, about 12,600 UH employees will convert to online statements. The new electronic distribution system allows all UH employees to not only receive their current statements online, but provides access to all payroll statements since November 2000. Employees can login to the secure site using their unique UH usernames and passwords.

UH employees who have declined to participate in the State of Hawaiʻi direct deposit payroll program will continue to receive paper paychecks.

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