MELE Program Releases Second CD


Honolulu Community College’s Music and Entertainment Learning Experience Program (MELE) released its second compilation entitled Keiki O Ka ʻAina.

After the successful launch of the MELE program’s first CD, Island Music: Gifts of Aloha in 2013, the program received continued support from Al and Sue Landon to help produce another installment of fine island music.

“While I lived in Honolulu I had the opportunity to support the development of the MELE program at Honolulu Community College,” shares Al Landon, former CEO of Bank of Hawaiʻi. “As you enjoy this music, think of Hawaiʻi’s children and the land of aloha.”

“With creative input from Al himself, we focused on a theme—Keiki O Ka ʻAina (“children of our land”)—and selected key songs that evoke the topics of growing up in Hawaiʻi, youthfulness, and all around good vibes,” says Music Business Instructor Eric Lagrimas, whose MELE 203 intellectual properties students handled the initial research of record labels/music publishers and learned about proper licensing.

Sue and Al Landon

Sue and Al Landon

Some of the featured artists on the album include Kealiʻi Reichel, Raiatea Helm, Kaʻau Crater Boys and Makua Rothman.

“Student involvement is key with special projects like this CD,” says John Vierra, MELE program coordinator and audio engineer instructor. “Our audio engineering 2 students learned about new concepts such as ‘audio mastering’ once the final song list is complete. These students are an integral piece to a successful finished product.”

The Honolulu CC MELE program is the only program in the state that offers students an associate of science degree in music business or audio engineering. The goal of the program is to invest in local talent to grow Hawaiʻi’s music industry and broaden its reach to the world.

Keiki O Ka ʻAina is a non-commercial project and serves as an experiential learning opportunity and promotional calling card for the MELE Program and Honolulu CC. Complimentary copies are available at the MELE Program office, Bldg. 2-412.

Read the Honolulu CC news release for the full story.

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