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The University of Hawaiʻi has been ranked among the top world universities for its scientific publications.

On October 10, the National Taiwan University ranking (NTU Ranking) team released the results of its 2014 Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities. The ranking lists the University of Hawaiʻi as 203rd overall, and 80th in the United States, out of the top 500 world universities.

Five University of Hawaiʻi subject areas and/or fields were identified as leaders among the top-ranked universities:

  • Geosciences—Ranked 17
  • Environment/Ecology—Ranked 88
  • Physics—Ranked 104
  • Natural Sciences—Ranked 105
  • Plant and Animal Science—Ranked 109

“This is a welcome recognition of the importance of the scientific research done by our faculty and students,” said Brian Taylor, UH Mānoa vice chancellor for research. “We are particularly pleased to be ranked in the top 20 world universities for our work in the geosciences (earth, ocean, atmospheric and planetary sciences).”

“Today, the output of published scientific papers has become a more objective metric used to determine a university’s research performance,” added UH Vice President for Research and Innovation Vassilis Syrmos. “I am very pleased with the University of Hawaiʻi’s recent NTU ranking and its snapshot of our continuing efforts in research productivity, research impact and research excellence.”

About the National Taiwan University Ranking

The Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities is a stable and reliable ranking for universities devoted to scientific research. It is entirely based on statistics of scientific papers which reflect three major performance criteria—research productivity, research impact and research excellence.

This year, in addition to the overall performance ranking, NTU offers 6 field-based rankings and 14 subject-based rankings. NTU is committed to continually update and release new annual overall, field, and subject rankings in the future.

A Kaunānā story

—By Talia Ogliore