The University of Hawaiʻi rolled out the red carpet for 25 students from China and opened a new chapter in international programs at UH.

The students are computer science professionals from Guangdong Province who will begin a training course called Best Practices for Implementing Integrated Information Systems.

The joint project aims to train students to build state-of-the-art social protection systems in China to help migrant workers from inner provinces more easily access their social benefits such as health, disability and unemployment benefits from their home provinces.

The three-week course is being funded by Guangdong Province and sponsored by the World Bank.

The project received the approval of the president of the World Bank and former Premier Wen Jiabao, and has received wide media attention in China, where the ceremony on November 3 was broadcast via Skype.

China selected the University of Hawaiʻi as the most appropriate place to seek this training and cooperation.

UH Mānoa’s Outreach College, International Programs is coordinating the course. The Information and Computer Science Department (ICS) is providing the lecturers.

In their remarks, university leaders encouraged the students to not only learn from the expertise being provided by ICS, but to also interact with students, faculty and staff to learn about Hawaiʻi and its diversity.

The university hopes its educational partnerships with China continue to thrive as it strives to create opportunities and transform the lives of students, families and their communities in Hawaiʻi and around the world.