December 17, 2014—Editor’s note: UH Mānoa produced a third commerical “Explore the World,” featuring student Marie MacDonald, which will begin airing in December.

The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa has launched new commercials to promote the university that will air nationally on major television networks like CBS Sports and ESPN during Rainbow Warrior football games. They will also air on local TV stations, in movie theaters and on the Aloha Stadium and Stan Sheriff Center Arena jumbotrons.


“Explore the World” shows that anyone can participate in an “away” experience for a semester or year while earning credits that count towards graduation. Best yet, the cost is a little more than in-state tuition at UH Mānoa.


One of the commercials titled “Network” features Beau Yap and his family. Yap had opportunities to play football elsewhere, including a Big 12 and Pac 12 school, but chose to accept a scholarship at UH Mānoa.


The other is titled, “Connected,” and shows how UH Mānoa engages in activities that connects with people on all levels, person to person, from individuals to communities, to the rest of the state and the world. UH Mānoa is not just buildings but people, and its location connects it to the rest of the world.