Are you sitting on the next multi-million dollar idea? Are you a UH faculty member, student or alumni? Then XLR8UH is here to help make your startup dreams a reality.

From social initiatives to billion dollar markets, our program will push you and your idea to the next level.

XLR8UH provides UH faculty, staff, students, and alumni with a multi-phase education and investment program focused on commercializing UH innovations.

We provide two funding tracks:

  • Phase I startups are focused on developing their proof of concept—i.e. taking concept and/or IP, identifying the greatest market potential and converting that R&D into a minimum viable product.
  • Phase II startups are more focused on commercialization—i.e. startups completing their proof of concept and refining their innovation having established the ever-important “product-market fit.”

Application deadline is coming up soon! Early decision deadline is January 20, with a final deadline of January 30 for applications.

Apply now or visit for more information.

UH News video: “XLR8UH: Turning research into viable products and businesses”