Mazie Hirono

The Honorable U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono visited Kauaʻi Community College’s Veterans Support Center on Thursday April 2, 2015. The purpose of the visit was to support efforts made by Kauaʻi CC to support military veterans who are enrolled as students at the college.

Senator Hirono stressed the importance of the passing of the national bill, Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act of 2014, “Choice Act,” which serves to honor all American veterans. She champions community action to support veterans, encourages college campuses to have a physical space for veterans attending college and issues a monthly newsletter which provides current updates on progress being made to fulfill the VA’s goal of honoring veterans.

She also addressed issues such as homelessness, healthcare and college while speaking to Foster Lee Brown, III, Steven Westerman and Michael Estes, veterans and Kauaʻi CC students. She applauded the college for the welcoming atmosphere of its Veterans Support Center.

Used by a variety of veterans from the Korean era, Post 911 era, Vietnam era and Middle East fighting, the center serves as a physical place where students can be welcomed and directed to the appropriate information and services about college enrollment, healthcare, benefits and resources to help them transition from military life.

“We are honored to have our military veterans as Kauaʻi CC students,” said Helen Cox, Kauaʻi CC chancellor. “They are a vital addition to our diverse student community.”

Additional information

Supporting services for veteran students at Kauaʻi CC is made possible by funding from the Department of Labor through the Rural Kauaʻi 1 Project, in the amount of $26,000. Funding does not pay for any student’s cost to participate in the program.

—By Camilla Matsumoto